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he Ings Turfcutter is a great machine for the Hire Industry as it is simple enough to use for a home gardener, but also efficient and reliable for contractors. The Ing Turf Cutter is suitable for turf cutting, slitting, trenching and mole draining

 16" cutting width, there is a variety of blades you can choose from. This machine is designed and built in Western Australia, comes with a Honda or Subaru engine.


  • 16" Cutting blade
  • Belt driven
  • Multiple depth adjustable
  • Pneumatic drive wheels
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy gauge steel frame
  • Honda or Subaru Engine


  • Turf Cutting - Using the wedged blade driven by an oscillating cam, the machine can cut to a depth of 1-10 cm and a proficient operator can cut turf from 20-50m per minute, depending on requirements and conditions
  • Turf Slitting - can be achieved with three, four or five vertical blades used to break compaction on bowling greens, golf greens and tees, tennis courts, etc
  • Trenching - uses a V-shaped blade will cut into turf for the laying of reticulation pipes, etc
  • Mole Draining - uses a bullet shaped blade is suitable for dragging conduit and the like underground

Turf (SOD ) Cutter Hire Per day

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